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  • a reputation for high-quality design, the “Rev-Zero” company
  • elegance and efficiency through hardware/software co-design
  • experts cross-trained in multimedia, embedded, wireless, and Linux
  • depth and breadth of experience
  • rapid prototyping, high-volume manufacturing
  • customized ODM production
  • tablet design, wireless sensors, robotics, broadcast video
  • great people, enthusiastic talent, bad puns

“For an idea that does not at first seem insane, there is no hope.”
      -Albert Einstein

 LocoLabs: insane ideas, extraordinary people, astonishing solutions!

Who We Are

LocoLabs, a renowned Silicon Valley, California, product design center, provides custom design, turnkey product development, rapid-prototype and volume-production services. It is our mission to accelerate your product development to quickly get your idea into production, without worry. Then you can focus on building your market, while we focus on building your product. We draw on more than a decade of experience tackling tough embedded design problems for leading suppliers of consumer, computing and commercial systems. Will you be our next success story?

What We Do

In business for more than a decade, LocoLabs enjoys working with a variety of customers:

  • Well-funded start-ups that need extremely high-quality prototypes on rapid development schedules
  • Large, well-known corporations whose marketing leaders need a nimble, independent engineering team to tackle custom engineering projects for key customers
  • Brilliant inventors, with a great idea in an intriguing market niche, but who have no product development experience
  • Established market leaders, who count on us to manufacture customized ODM products to expand their product offering

In our engineering and design work, LocoLabs customers call us the "Rev-Zero" company. With success stories in Android tablet development, wireless sensor networks, consumer electronics, commercial robotics, broadcast video systems and LCD/OLED touch panel systems, our experience reinforces the value of fast prototyping and hardware/software co-design. LocoLabs' cross-trained Embedded, Multimedia, Wireless and Linux experts in our Silicon Valley design center are available to support your rapid product development.

Serious Fun:
An Interview with the Founders of LocoLabs

Founders Brad Hoffert and Steve Kelsey in the LocoLounge

SDSU Alumni and LocoLabs Founders Brad Hoffert ('88) and Steve Kelsey ('89) in the LocoLounge. Photo: Charles Barry

Coleen Geraghty of San Diego State University (SDSU) recently interviewed the founders of LocoLabs to explore what makes them tick. Why did they start their own company? What's been the most fun? What advice do they have for today's engineering students?

Read/download the abridged interview (PDF) as it appears in 360: The Magazine of San Diego State University.

If you really can't get to sleep tonight, read the full interview online, at the SDSU NewsCenter.

Tektronix Test Equipment Stands Up to the Rev Zero Challenge!

Tektronix features LocoLabs in an MDO4000 Case Study. Read about how the Tektronix MDO4000 Mixed-Domain Oscilloscope - with analog, digital, and RF inputs - earned its place in our lab.


LocoLabs Teams with UM, H3D, and BNL on Polaris 3D CZT Gamma-Ray Imaging Spectrometer System for the Defense Threat Reduction Agency

 DTRA Logo UMICHLogo H3D Logo BNL Logo

LocoLabs was selected by the Department of Defense's Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) to team with the experts from the University of Michigan, H3D Inc., and Brookhaven National Laboratory to design and produce an advanced version of the Polaris 3D CdZnTe (CZT) gamma-ray imaging spectrometer system.

CZT technology allows for precise sensing and imaging at room temperature, a distinct advantage over other gamma-ray detectors, which typically must be cryogenically cooled to operate. The Polaris system also features an ultra-low-noise kilovolt power supply and battery-powered, carry-on sized portability.

Delivered for field trials less than 9 months after initial concept, the LocoLabs-designed units exceeded performance of the previous generation with reduced electrical noise, improved spectroscopic performance, an intuitive user interface, and a new portable mechanical design.

Managed by Alion Science and Technology Corporation, this effort was supported by DTRA01-02-D-0067.

James Gardner, Vice President, Operations Manager, Program Manager DTRA Arms Control Contract at Alion Science and Technology, says:

“We added LocoLabs to the Polaris team because of their sophisticated prototyping and testing labs, reputation for high-quality rapid prototyping, and experience launching products into manufacturing. We were confident they could take this design out of the lab and make it manufacturable.”

LocoLabs is proud to have been a key member of the team and to have been selected by DTRA to design and prototype a future version of Polaris, currently under development.