What We Do

LocoLabs brings creative innovation and over 20 years of Silicon Valley experience to solve tough design and manufacturing challenges for our clients.


Go from concept to working prototype faster and easier


Accelerate your product development and quickly get your project into production


Reliable manufacturing and volume delivery

“For an idea that does not first seem insane, there is no hope.”

– Albert Einstein

Our Expertise

We are experts at extracting engineering requirements from your marketing specifications. Our "Rev-Zero" process reduces risks and improves time to market. We focus on protecting your IP with onshore development and manufacturing, and cyber-hardening of IoT and IIoT devices.

Many of our clients call us the “Rev-Zero” company, reflecting our ability to take a project from concept, through design, to production, with no spins. Precise requirements analysis and attention to detail are key to our Rev-Zero deliveries.


Program and Project Management

Proactive refinement, planning and tracking of the scope, requirements, criteria for success, budgets, schedules, resources, issues, and results

Multidisciplinary Development

Incorporating expertise from all required engineering disciplines, including systems, software, electrical, mechanical, industrial, manufacturing, and test


APIs and Protocols

Application-specific interfaces that meet all requirements, abstract functionality, and encapsulate implementation

Board Support Packages

Bootloaders, hardware-specific device drivers, device trees, kernel configuration, root filesystems, daemons, and utilities

Programming Languages

C/C++, C#, Java, Python, Assembly, Verilog, VHDL, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, and many others

Layers of Software

Software components for every layer, from firmware to drivers, daemons, middleware, applications, and GUIs

Communications and Security

Wired and wireless interfaces, numerous protocols, and both device-level and communications security

Platform Software

Wide range of target operating environments including Linux, FreeBSD, Android, RTOS, and event-driven bare-metal

Target Architectures

From 64-bit down to 8-bit, including ARM, x86, MIPS/PIC32, DSP, FPGA (custom), MSP430, AVR/AVR32, PIC, and 8051

Domain Specific Abstraction

Custom language, compiler and VM design, providing system independent platform for IoT development and deployment

Analytics and Visualization

Smart collection, forwarding, aggregating and analysis of IoT data, followed by impactful reporting and dashboarding

Bring-up and Manufacturing

Purpose-built firmware/software for board bring up, system validation, and manufacturing, not done as an afterthought


High Density

We can engineer for low profile and high density to maximize use of space, balancing fab and assembly costs

3D Enclosure Design

PCB models integrated with the 3D enclosure to ensure fit and allow for additive (3D printing) and traditional manufacturing techniques

High Speed

Impedance control technologies to ensure performance of high-speed PCBs

Analog Simulation

Software based mathematical replication and modeling of electronic circuits and devices

Power Supply

Linear, High Speed switchers, low noise switchers, we customize based on the design constraints

PCB Design

RF, Audio, Video, Low Noise and other applications requiring custom PCB designs

3D PCB Modeling

Low cost realistic visualization, planning, and placement of all board elements

3D Printing

High quality in-house 3D printing to enable rapid design validation and short run production


Including RTL design, ASIC verification, synthesis & STA, physical design, DFT and validation


We specialize in hardening electronics for military, medical, industrial, and IoT applications


Rapid Prototyping

Quick turn fabrication of electronics, enclosures and additive models, rapid software concept development

EMI/RFI Immunity

We can design to minimize susceptibility to EMF and RFI noise and interference

Turnkey Volume Production

Automated, high-volume systems enabling shorter cycle times and more efficient production of components

Test Fixtures

We design, engineer, troubleshoot and maintain test fixtures, interfaces, and harnesses

High-Volume Design

We know how to design for high volume, so our customers avoid costly rework, scrap, repair, and recall

Testability Design

Testability features designed into hardware to enable thorough manufacturing testing and design validation

Accelerated Life Testing

Temperature, humidity, voltage, shock, vibration, environmental testing to validate the design and determine service life

RoHS Compliance

Design for avoiding hazardous substances commonly used in electronic and electronic equipment