Are you developing a new hardware or software product?

Or, perhaps you already have a design project that is in need of rescue. You’re in the right place. We’re Silicon Valley’s premier product design & development partner.

Creating new products is extremely difficult. Even some of the most experienced hardware and software companies struggle to exceed a 50% success rate. That’s why even the best companies turn to LocoLabs.

For over 20 years, we’ve specialized in the design and development of complex hardware and software products. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, LocoLabs is a 100% US-based design and manufacturing partner that helps companies bring production-ready designs to market faster and easier.

We’ve helped: 

  • Well-funded startups that need high-quality prototypes on rapid development schedules
  • Large corporations who need a nimble and independent engineering team to tackle challenging projects
  • Brilliant inventors who need help creating a revolutionary product
  • Market leaders who count on us to manufacture custom ODM products


Clients Choose Us Because We Solve Their Toughest Challenges

Our mission is accelerate your product development and get to production quickly.  We focus on building your product so that you can focus on succeeding in the market.

Our Story

In 1996, while working together at a video compression startup in Silicon Valley, Brad Hoffert and Steve Kelsey founded LocoLabs. Combining expertise honed during Brad’s time at Sun Microsystems and Steve’s at Qualcomm, they created LocoLabs to solve tough problems in system-level development. Since then, they’ve helped drive innovation for hundreds of projects large and small, from digital video to wireless communications, custom chip design, sensor development, and Internet of Things devices.

Meet The Founders

Back at San Diego State University, Brad Hoffert and Steve Kelsey vowed they would start a company together one day. These two are anything but conventional engineers, and LocoLabs is not your typical product development and design firm.


Brad oversees business development, sales, marketing, and strategy. He often lends his expertise on hardware, software, and mechanical design to help clients solve their toughest design challenges.  READ MORE ABOUT BRAD...


Steve manages LocoLabs product development processes while staying atop the latest industry research and technological innovations. READ MORE ABOUT STEVE...