Project off the rails? We'll get you back on track.

Emergency Rescue Service for Product Development Projects

If your development project is running late, over budget, or simply does not work – you need technology and design experts who can assist with project recovery fast.

At LocoLabs, we’ve brought dozens of projects back from the brink of disaster.  Our design and engineering experts will take you step by step through the recovery process:

  • Free 3-hour consultation within 3 business days with our senior leadership, program manager, and senior engineers.
  • We create a detailed success plan that identifies root causes and solutions to get your project back on track.
  • You get a complete proposal outlining the resources and steps required to ensure project success.

LocoLabs has the experience to quickly assess your design challenges,  re-design and re-manufacture your product, and ensure your product will have a successful production run. Contact us now to start the recovery process and get your project back on track and on budget. 

“I’ve worked with hundreds of prototypes over the span of my career. When something goes wrong, it’s nice to have people you can trust to turn to. Sometimes all it takes is a conversation with someone outside the project to diagnose and fix a problem.”

— Mike Nuttall, Award-winning Industrial Designer and Founder, IDEO

Is Your Prototype Really Ready for Production?

Read Our Free Report to Learn 5 Common Pitfalls You Can Avoid.

Experienced product leaders know that releasing a prototype to production too early can have severe consequences, but other executives often fail to fully understand the tradeoffs between features, quality, and timing.

The truth is that shipping a product that isn’t ready can be far worse than a missing a sales number.  Download and read our free report now to learn more.