About Susanna

What part of your work do you enjoy most and why? 

I like bringing order to creative chaos. I revel in things like dotting i’s and crossing t’s; breaking down large goals into achievable tasks; summarizing swirling brainstormed input into clear, focused points. I hold a lot of LocoLabs history in my head and heart; they refer to me as the “glue” of LocoLabs. I enjoy passing that knowledge on to new folks and then seeing how they run with it.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not at work? *

Breathing the desert air, tending to desert plants, listening to coyotes sing under starry skies. And when it’s too hot, taking off to a cool mountain lake to go canoeing.

Where did you go to school and what was your major or advanced degree in? 

CA State University, Sacramento & University of Tuebingen, Germany. BA in Psychology, BA in German.

What were you doing before LocoLabs?

After years in the behavioral psych field working with mentally and developmentally disabled clients, some of them quite violent, I switched to graphic design in the early days of “desktop publishing.” I spent several years with IDG as production manager at GamePro magazine. I semi-retired and freelanced for various magazines. As Loco started up, I created their web site and graphic materials. I helped out with data entry, space planning and decorating, and I was the “plant lady” — basically everything non-engineering. That grew into infrastructure development, benefits administration, tax and financial filings, contract administration… but I’m still the “plant lady,” too.

Susanna’s Blog

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