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Alion Science and Technology

Gamma-Ray Imaging Spectrometer

Alion Science and Technology Corporation / Department of Defense, Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA)
An advanced version of the Polaris 3D CdZnTe (CZT) gamma-ray imaging spectrometer system. CZT technology allows for precise sensing and imaging at room temperature, a distinct advantage over other gamma-ray detectors, which typically must be cryogenically cooled to operate.
AmberWatch Safety Alarm

Child Safety Alarm

The AmberWatch is a digital wristwatch that includes an alarm circuit. When activated, it immediately calls attention to the child at risk with a piercing audible alert and bright flashing LEDs. The parent must reset the alarm using a customizable button press sequence.
Freedom 2100 Wireless Mesh Router

Wireless Mesh Router

Ascentry Technologies, Inc.
Freedom 2100 wireless mesh router units are designed for rapid deployment at disaster sites and to aid first responders to instantly and securely share voice, video and data over a reliable WiFi network. Sensor options can safely report hazardous conditions in remote locations.
Bubble Game Console Program

Games Console Platform

Bright Things plc.
The Bubble games console connects wirelessly to a DVD player and allows children to interact with characters from their favorite television shows. It can also be used as a standalone games console without a television or DVD player.
Movie Rental Kiosk

Movie Rental Kiosk

DVDPlay, Inc.
An automated movie rental system that allows customers to browse, select and rent the latest DVD releases. It utilizes the internet to provide a transaction receipt via email and permits a rented movie to be returned at any kiosk in the system.

MPEG Stream Encoder

Diva Systems Corporation
A real-time, multi-channel, industrial-installation MPEG encoding and multiplexing system. Used in cable head-end applications. Each chassis contains up to 12 dual-channel encoder cards and one re-multiplexer card.
Reference Design Platform

Reference Design Platform

LSI Corporation
A DVD codec Direct-X de-multiplexer and MFC test application to convert real-time variable bit rate multiplexed audio/video streams of MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 to a format that enables simultaneous preview and recording. Includes diagnostics to assist developers with integration efforts.
Authentication System

Authentication System

MGA Entertainment, Inc.
A low cost custom encryption algorithm for authentication to permit personalized access to a web site use associated with a high volume toy.
Development Platform

Development Platform

Motorola, Inc.
A prototype for a mobile computing development platform to facilitate product development for the handheld portable computing market. Contains an advanced analysis ring and modular architecture to allow emerging technologies to be easily added and evaluated.

FPGA and ASIC Design

NVIDIA Corporation
On-site FPGA and ASIC design, development and verification services for the graphics industry’s leading hardware innovator.
HDMI Product Line

HDMI Product Line

RZ Products Group LLC
A complete line of HDMI switches and video format converters designed to allow easy connection and integration of legacy audio/video equipment with the new high definition television systems.

Digital Video Recorder

Tivo, Inc.
A revolutionary consumer electronics device that allows users to time shift their favorite TV shows. Client needed technical direction on system architecture, encoder selection, timing modules, audio/video synchronization and audio DSP software integration.
Enclosure Power Supply

Enclosure and Power Supply

Ticom Geomatics, Inc.
An advanced enclosure design with integrated power supply and thermal management features for a desk-side, broad-spectrum, high-sensitivity RF signal acquisition system.